Coed B1 Standings

Omaha Sports Club Volleyball

Coed B1 League

Final Standings 

Hello captains, unfortunately these are end-of-season stats, since we all know the gym has closed for COVID 19.  The stats look a bit strange as not all the teams have had a ‘bye’ week.  League regs say to sort by ‘percent’ first, then by ‘points for’.  So, while both Basant and Keith have more wins than Max, his % win is higher, so Max owns the title for first place – congratulations!


 team   record   pct
Max 31-11 0.74
Basant 35-13 0.73
Keith 33-15 0.69
Kim 27-15 0.64
Steve 23-19
Julie 16-26 0.26
Bri 14-34 0.29
Stew 12-30 0.29
Danae 7-35 0.17